Windows 10 Review and Features

Windows 10 is the latest operating system available. Microsoft says that is the last windows and they are not going to launch another one. But, this does not mean that they have stopped working on it, rather, they will introduce the major upgrades in the individual components regardless of the operating system being used.

For just a little while, Microsoft kept the windows version free so as to gather feedback from their users and to further enhance their system. By doing so, they have brought great changes in the windows.

review about windows 10

Features of Windows 10

Why is it so important to have the latest Windows 10, when my older version is absolutely going fine and I have no issues with my current windows and I am equally comfortable using it? This question might come up in your mind. 

So, here it is important to mention the worth of Windows 10: 

As mentioned earlier, this is the last operating system launched by Microsoft, the support for previous versions will expire and those operating systems would get obsolete. The Windows 7 is already dumped and in three year's time all the extended support also fades away and you cannot get any new features in the old versions.

Just recently, they did Anniversary Update then Creator's Update and so on.These updates will keep making Windows 10 better and better.

These are just a few features of Windows 10 there are still many components that will make your experience wonderful. It is made absolutely user-friendly and he can customize the windows according to his taste.