• Pro Activator is compatible with all version of the window 10.
  • It can be customized easily, you can select and apply your own settings.
  • It chooses the best suitable license key for your system.
  • Easy to use if you feel any difficulty then follow our guidelines.


How to use Window 10 Pro Activator?

  1. Turn off the firewall and then begin the downloading.
  2. Click on the .exe file to starting the running process.
  3. Choose the “Install GVLK" choice.
  4. Press "Windows Key" button.
  5. After a few seconds, you will see a completed alert.
  6. Now press the Activate window button.
  7. Your PC will restart automatically.
  8. Now, enjoy the activated version of window 10.


When I used this tool for first then some queries were wondering in my mind. I have searched for them and got satisfaction. I know that some queries are also in your mind. Let me guess some:  

Is Pro Activator provides lifetime activation?

Yes, this tool gives 100 % lifetime activation of windows. Some tools activate the windows for some period of time but this does not do so. I guarantee that your window 10 will be a genuine copy.  

Do this Activator is secure?

Yes, your window is in safe hand. You no need to worry about your data and privacy. There is no hacking algorithm in it.

Does program install unnecessary software or extension?

No, it is a single software that takes a few Mbs of memory. There is no automatic & unnecessary extension or software installed with it.

Should I install supporting software before its use?  

No, it is independent software that would not want anything to be installed.

Can I uninstall this software after activation?

Yes, you are free hand to uninstall this software after you have done the activation. It would not affect the working of your window. Your window will remain genuine.

Would I get the window updates after activation through KMSAuto?

Yes. This software does not block the window and other Microsoft updates of your window. After the activation through this tool, you can install the latest features of the window 10 along with the new languages.

Is it compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit window 10 version?

Yes. The window version does not matter, it will activate all window 10 versions either it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Note: It is the alternative method for the activation of window 10, but if you can afford then buy the activation key from the official website of the Microsoft.